Colonel David H. Hackworth: About Face

Why I started to read this book?

I heard about this book first time from Jocko in his second podcast. This is the book he read many times. Here the question automatically comes up, why Jocko opens this book multiple times? What is in it?


Patiente is a virtue. Hackworth always wanted to be infantry leader and he had to wait many years after his years in Korea to get an assignment. He just did hist best during these years as AAA officer, and the units under his command got just excellent.

If you don’t know, or just don’t want to play politics in your career giving your best and the result coming with it will be the differentiators.

You have to have good relationship with your people. You have to serve them as leader. Serve them by excellent training and high expectations, and by making their life a bit better.

You have to learn always about leadership. There is no point where you know everything about it and you are just good. There is always room for improvement.

Who is David H. Hackworth?

Wikipedia, but worth to read the book to get some insights on his thoughts and basic values.

Some sentence from the book displaying its huge value.

“I prayed all the time. But early on, I’d made a pact with myself: it was never Dear God, please look after me; it was always Dear God, please look after my men and make sure that no one gets killed.

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