Digital Library Project

I moved all my code in my Digital Library project to a public Azure DevOps project and it will be subject of a few future articles. I’m going to discuss topics around software delivery in these articles.

Digital Library Project is an idea about how is possible to manage huge amount of documents and managing the relations between them.  It will be a wiki on drugs. Once it will be done.

The story of this idea is that, somewhere late ’90 I read The Pinball Effect book written by James Burke and it ignited my thoughts that time. But, I couldn’t do with the thoughts as that time I didn’t know anything about information science and programming. A few years later I studied library science with information technology and I got some insights how information can be structured, stored and managed in multiple ways. Kind of a solution for my thoughts a few years earlier. So, I went deeper in programming and other related stuff and I ended up in information technology as a tester and later manager.

Later articles I’m going to go deeper in details.

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