What I’ve learned today?

I picked up a new habit recently, (By definition it can’t be called as habit, because I have been doing it only for 2 weeks, but… who cares!?) which is about collecting the new things I learned a given day. This daily, mainly the last things before sleep, exercise helps me to think through the day and filter the events of the day in multiple aspects.

I’m looking for data. It is the factual part of the events. I’m not really into factual data, but it is an aspect I need to deal with. Not to mentioned that being able to recall factual data forces my mind to really go into details.

I’m looking for references. If I watch a video about human body’s immune system, probably, I won’t memroise all the info I get from the material. Rather, I’ll remember the topic, some details, a few keywords and I create a reference in my mind to the video. Whenever I want to know something about immune system I can find this video and use it as a starting point.

I’m looking for connections or conclusions. Being able to recall a logical order of thoughts helps me to confirm whether the given process was good or not. It also creates mental notes to do things better.

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